There was a time when someone walked into store, had a chat with the store-owner and asked him which products he would recommend. The store-owner, knowing this person for years, would pull the right thing out of a shelf and turn the visitor into a happy customer. If the store-owner knew his trade really well, he would even anticipate his customers’ wishes and actively suggest something they did not know they needed - yet.
In this sense, personalization has always been a core principle of retail. And in this digital day and age, technical developments such data analysis and specialized APIs can make individualization and proactive personalization even more effective and provide interesting opportunities to merchants. With mobile devices and wearables learning more about their customers’ tastes and preferences, they can build better and more targeted applications and get a headstart against their competition.

This weekend in Berlin is all about projects with an interesting approach to personalization and fresh ideas that make buying things more individual, more effective - and more fun.

  • Get together in teams of up to 5 people and create amazing commerce hacks
  • Forget manuals and documentation - code in lightspeed with API experts from Google, PayPal and others by your side
  • Present your project in front of a jury of internationally renowned experts and win prizes worth more than 60.000 €

Hackathon Sponsors


67,100 in prizes

First Prize

25,000 € SPHERE.IO credit
5x tickets to an APIdays conference
Feature in the press release after the event
Feature in the ShopTechTalks podcast
Blog feature

Best IoT hack

10,000 € SPHERE.IO credit
5x WunderBars
Blog feature

Best beacon hack

10,000 € SPHERE.IO credit
Up to 5x developer edition estimote beacons + 1x estimote developer kit
Blog feature

Best wearable hack

10,000 € SPHERE.IO credit
1x Moto 360
Blog feature

PayPal/Braintree Special Price

4x Black Widow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Outfittery Special Price

€500 in vouchers for Outfittery

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Individuals or teams up to 5 people
  • Expert e-commerce developers
  • Experienced designers
  • Creative idea generators
  • Skilled shopping queens ;-)



An e-commerce application including the SPHERE.IO API and any other of the participating APIs.

How to enter

Register for the hackathon on our website


Tim Messerschmidt

Tim Messerschmidt
Head of Developer Relations / PayPal

Anna Alex

Anna Alex
Founder / Outfittery

Jochen Krisch

Jochen Krisch
Editor Exciting Commerce

Marc Sturm

Marc Sturm
Head of Architecture & Frameworks (REWE Systems)

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Value
  • Technical implementation

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